Sequentia partners have held senior management positions with first class financial institutions and service providers. With their diversity and depth of experience they have formed a local team with world-class experience.

Mauricio Domenge

30 years of experience in NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd, Banco BICE. Expert in public-private partnerships, project finance, public auctions, M&A, valuations, capital markets, service contracts, privatization, concessions.

Rafael Mancera

30 years of experience in Banamex, International Mexican Bank Ltd, Kendle International Inc. Expert in M&A, Corporate valuations, capital markets, privatizations, debt equity conversions, entrepreneurship, finance.

Rocío Santurtun

16 years of experience in NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd. Expert in public-private partnerships, privatizations, M&A, international auctions, valuation and corporate finance.

Alejandro Suarez

20 years of experience at UBS Warburg Dillon Read, NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd, Government of Mexico - SARH and SHCP. Expert in privatizations, M&A, international auctions, corporate finance, valuation and development of new projects.

Lourdes Suayfeta

27 years of experience in Santamarina y Steta, Suayfeta Attorneys. Corporate attorney. An expert in M&A, legal structure of financial schemes, debt restructuring, project finance, capital markets, corporate structures.