Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Terms and conditions negotiation
  • Contract design, preparation and negotiation together with legal counsel
  • Legal and Financial Audits
  • Financial synergy evaluation
  • Specialists Coordination (accountants, tax, environmental, technical)
  • Acquisition Financing 
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Securities and capital markets
  • Acquisition target identification and assessment
  • Potential acquirer selection and offer evaluation
  • Coordination of competitive bidding processes
  • Lobbying with local authorities (together with specialist advisors, where required)

Family Business

  • Sequence diagrams
  • Shareholding structure and corporate governance
  • Solving asymmetries between family members assets and liabilities
  • Assessing the impact of transactions between related parties to the company
  • Developing strategies
  • Institutionalization and corporate restructuring
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Access to capital and debt
  • Valuation and liquidity options

Project Finance and Procurement

  • Analysis of legal and financial viability
  • Identification and risk assessment, clarifications and modifications
  • Development of financial simulation, performance measurement and sensitivity to critical variables
  • Design of mechanisms for the minimization of technical, legal and financial risks
  • Design of contractual structures and development and negotiation of contracts 
  • Financing and negotatioins with lenders and capital markets
  • Structures for debt optimization
  • Coordination of specialists (accounting, technical, environmental, fiscal)

Financial Restructuring

  • Analysis of economic and financial viability
  • Negotiations with financial creditors
  • Development, evaluation and selection of business plans and their corresponding financial plan
  • Determination of adequate financial burden together with its terms and conditions
  • Schema design of capitalization and debt recovery
  • Legal planning, development and negotiation of contracts 
  • Negotiation and evidence of financial ratios ("ratios and covenants")

Managing Bidding Process 

  • Preparation of Master Plan goals, structure, terms, conditions
  • Analysis of legal and financial feasibility
  • Structure based of the ability to raise the necessary funding
  • Design and preparation of biding rules and contracts
  • Identification, analysis, quantification, assigment and, if appropriate, risk neutralization
  • Presentation to potential bidders
  • Reception, analysis and, where required, changes to bidding rules based on investor feedback
  • Offer reception, evaluation and award

New Project Development

  • Opportunity Analysis 
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business Plan Development
  • Find strategic partners
  • Lobbying with authorities
  • Potential investor identification
  • Capital and funding strategy
  • Advice on initial capital raising and adequate financing
  • Exit strategies

Specific Studies

  • Corporate valuation 
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fairness Opinions 
  • Project combinations
  • Design and implementation of corporate structures
  • Co-investment and association negotiations
  • Shareholder agreements

Simulated Bidder

  • Service directed to the tenderer
  • Review and evaluation of public bids basics, including the Contract or Concession
  • Design of the necessary activities in evaluating and preparing a bid
  • Preparing a simulated bid to test the results against objectives
  • Identification and analysis of areas that cause uncertainty or conflict to the bidders
  • Propose mechanisms and processes needed to neutralize and deal with any conflict areas
  • Valuation of the project from the bidder´s point of view, and estimate of the expected levels of economic variables of the public bid 
  • Improvement of public bid processes